West Valley Firefighters

Quarterly Newsletter

1st Quarter of 2012


Operations Division

Operations Division

The Operations division is the heart of emergency response whose primary purpose is to provide a quick and efficient response to emergencies within the District's 90 square mile area with a population exceeding 14,000 citizens. The Operations Division also provides automatic and/or mutual aid to the surrounding fire districts within Yakima County.

Through the development of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and a data  management program, all stations and workplaces have been supplied with computers which now allow enhanced communications through e-mail and word processing. The future of the systems will give outlying stations the ability to process most reports and daily logs on a computer, lessening the amount of duplication of files and data entry.

The following will provide a snapshot of the size and services delivered by the Operations division:

  • The Operations division is comprised of 7 key management personnel and nearly 100 line personnel divided into companies.
  • Operations division personnel are certified in the use of the automated external heart defibrillator and most are Washington State EMT's
  • The Operations division staffs the four fire stations, Incident Command roles as well as our Monday through Friday Duty Crew.
  • Stations are strategically located throughout the District to provide fast and efficient service to the citizens within a critical 8 minute average response time. 
  • Firefighter proficiency is maintained through on-going training by the Training Division in firefighting, medical emergencies, hazardous material incidents, water rescue incidents, aircraft rescue and firefighting, extrication, and many other emergency operations.


  •  3  Elected Fire Commissioners
  •  5  Administrative Personnel, Chief Craig, Officer Boisselle, Captain Johnston, Lieutenant Lyons and Administrative Assistant Kim Lee
  • 94 Professional Firefighters


  • 5 Engines
  • 5 Mobile Command Vehicles
  • 5 Brush Engines
  • 3 Tenders
  • 2 Rescues
  • 2 Support Vehicles

As you may notice, the West Valley Fire Department is at the cutting edge of technology in the fire service. This is achieved only because of the commitment and accomplishments of the personnel and management staff of the department to better serve its customers.