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1st Quarter of 2012


Policy 2303 Facility Use

Policy 2303 Facility Use



YAKIMA, WA  98908



POLICY #                              2303


COMMISSION CHAIR SIGNATURE       s/b Marshia Goss, Chair


EFFECTIVE DATE:                3/01/06

REVISED:                             07/08/08





1.0       PURPOSE


The Yakima County Fire District 12 Training Facility located at 10000 Zier Road, Yakima, WA will be made available for public use when its utilization will not conflict with Fire Department activities and operations, both day to day and emergency.


Conditions for Training Facility use by the public:


1.1       All scheduling for the Training Facility use is to be done by contacting the Administrative Office of Yakima County Fire District 12 at (509) 966-3111.  A Facility Use Agreement  form must be completed for the group making the request.  Approval will be on a case by case basis.  So that other groups or organizations may have access to similar time slots, signups for regular, recurring monthly meetings are limited to no more than six (6) months at a time.  Regular, recurring weekly meetings will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

1.2       The Training Facility may be used for open public meetings, civic group meetings and functions, classes, presentations and workshops.   Religious and political activities / gatherings shall be in accordance with RCW 42.17.130.  The District reserves the right to deny any and all requests for training facility use.  

1.3       The intended use of the facility must be clearly stated on the Facility Use Agreement.

1.4       The use of classrooms for sales, solicitations or promotions of goods or services for profit is prohibited.

1.5       The person signing the Facility Use Agreement shall assume responsibility for any and all damage of the facilities, grounds, or equipment as a result of the use of the facility.  Any furnishings moved or rearranged during the use of the facility shall be replaced and all trash removed prior to vacating the building.

1.6       The appropriate notations must be made on the Facility Use Agreement if any food is to be served, cooked or brought into the facility.  Normal coffee and snack service is acceptable.   There are NO kitchen facilities available. The banquet facility rate will automatically be charged to any group that serves hot food. For groups serving food to the public a Temporary Food Service Permit must be obtained from the Yakima Health District. 

1.7       Hours of Training Center Facility operation is 7am to 11pm. 

1.8       Use of the Training Facility is restricted to the entire Classroom, or Classroom A or B.  The hallway with the beverage/snack nooks and the public restrooms.  (i.e.  Entry into the Administration Office area or apparatus bay area is prohibited; children shall not be permitted inside or outside the building without adult supervision.)

1.9       Training Center Room capacity for public use one hundred and fifty (150) people stadium style, (75) per side Classroom A and Classroom B OR eighty (80) people classroom style, (forty (40) per side Classroom A and Classroom B).

1.10    The usage of the facility includes:  tables, chairs, restrooms and coffee service area.  The District DOES NOT provide any audio visual or sound equipment.

1.11    It is the responsibility of the User to come fully prepared for their event; the District does NOT offer photocopy, facsimile or other office function services.  Nor does the District furnish any banquet supplies.

1.12    The Fire District reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the room is needed for Fire Department use.  However, every effort will be made to give adequate, advanced notice.  Emergency operations take precedence over any scheduled event if considered necessary.

1.13    All types of dancing in the Training Center Facility are prohibited. 

1.14    The use of tobacco or tobacco products in the facility is prohibited.  Smoking is allowed ONLY outside in the designated smoking area to the west of the building.

1.15    The use of alcoholic beverages in the facility or on the Fire District grounds is prohibited.

1.16    Any violation of these policies may cause cancellation of a group’s privileges for further Facility use.  

1.17    The Fire District reserves the right to make final determination of the “appropriate use” concept.








The District’s Firefighter Association is an organization of Fire District personnel that provide volunteer services to the District and its citizens.  Subject to the conditions of this policy, it is in the best interest of the Fire District that the Firefighter Association be exempt from the established usage fee for its meetings and other such activities.