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1st Quarter of 2012


Chief's Monthly Report

Chief's Monthly Report

Fire Department

Monthly Progress Report


West Valley Fire Department

Yakima County Fire District 12

For the Meeting of May 10th, 2022


Agenda Topic:            Department Monthly Progress Report

Prepared By:              Chief Nathan Craig

Date Prepared:           May 4, 2022


The primary purpose of this report is to keep the Board of Fire Commissioners informed as to the activities and progress on major programs or objectives.  The items listed, as near as possible, are in priority order. As a second purpose, this report will be shared with the Officers Management Team and all fire personnel.



We lost one firefighter at Station 51 due to moving out of state.

Starting May, our total on call Members is 73.  We have two on leave and two on light duty and 11 for support leaving 58 operational on call Members.  Including our four firefighters, 4 Admin and 3 Commissioners our total personnel is 84.



The Wildfire Ready Neighbors press conference is scheduled for 10:30 on May 12th at Falcon Ridge and will officially kick off our effort for 2022.  We will use grant funding to purchase 5 tablets and pay the cost of our Members to perform home risk assessments.


Valley Fire held an Upper Valley User Group meeting last month to update us on any issues.  There have been some issues with call transfers going to the wrong agency as well as run card issues with Spillman.  A better EMD system should reduce some issues.  Valley Fire is researching other CAD systems that are more fire/EMS based than Spillman with Premier 1 being reviewed last month.


The EMS levy renewal committee is holding monthly meetings and looking for community members to join the effort.


Recruitment and Retention: By DC Jim Johnston


We started advertising for the June hiring period in April.  The stations have banners and a message on the digital screen at Station 51, there is also a flyer at the high school for the Cadet program. Applications are due May 31st.

A new Retention Survey has been created; we will be putting this on Survey Monkey for our Members to complete.


Department Training and Safety: By DC Jim Johnston

April Drills included: Equipment Check / Station Drill / 2nd Quarter SCBA Quarterly, OTEP Module 2 – Respiratory Emergencies, Annual Wildland Refresher, Wildland Pumps and Porta Tanks.

Developed the May Drill Schedule: Equipment Check / Station Drill, OTEP Workshop B – Respiratory Emergencies, Water Supply & Hose Handling, Drafting.  I have scheduled a Live Fire night on May 18th for the five lateral hires from February.

On April 15th I attended a hazmat class called Above the Line / Below the Line at the City of Yakima Fire Department.  The class was a tactical class that expanded on quick predictions based on the chemical substance utilizing flip charts. 

On April 21st Dan Boisselle, Mike Parrish, and myself attended a battery class in Pasco.  This class covered all types of batteries with a heavy emphasis on Lithium-Ion batteries and their inherent problems.

We hosted a fireground tactics class (Decision Making for Initial Company Operations) over the weekend of April 23rd and 24th.  The class was well attended with 30 students, I have heard several positive comments on the class.  I am also in the process of trying to get a Leadership Class brought in in the Fall. 

Budget/Finance: By Officer Boisselle

I have submitted the annual WFCA Wage & Benefit survey.  We should receive statewide compiled data by August/September.

I have received a request from the State Auditor for various 2019-2021 financial downloads and information.  The request does not site this information is for our upcoming audit, but I assume it is and we will be notified soon of the timeline for our 2019-2021 audit.

On track for having our annual State Financial report submitted by the May 27th due date.

Fire Prevention/Public Education: By Officer Boisselle

We took the EDITH House to our three elementary schools the week of April 18th. Nine classes total were instructed for the 2nd graders, teaching them home escape planning and various home safety tips. Thanks to Captain Haubrich for taking the lead and his help shuttling the house around.

A homeschool group of 42 kids visited the station on April 19th. We split them up into groups according to age and took them through the EDITH House, gave them a tour of the trucks and of the station.  The older kids had lots of questions, as did the parents.

On May 19th from 5pm to 7pm each of our stations will be open for the hands-on instruction of the STOP THE BLEED program.  The program is designed to teach three to assist in bleeding control, from severe bleeding to minor bleeding.  We will have two trained members at each station instructing the hands-on skills. If we have enough volunteers, we will also facilitate a hands-only CPR instruction.

We have a Safe Sitter class scheduled for June 23rd and June 24th.

I have submitted a $500 grant for bike helmets through the State Fire Chiefs.

Issue II of 2022 newsletter is finalized and out for mailing.


Last month there were a total of 70 alarms in District, 59 we responded to, 10 ambulance only, and 1 Yakima auto aid.

Incidents:                                                 YTD       Incidents by Zone       YTD Zone                       

Station 51                   13                   49                    20                      76 (29%)

Station 52                   12                   49                    23                     97 (37%)

Station 53                   8                    34                    12                      63 (24%)

Station 54                   1                     17                    4                        25   (10%)

Station 50                   25 (1 duty)     112                    

Yakima                        1                     2

Ambulance Only         10                   36

Total                                               299


Incident Type:                        Month            Type                                                                                        YTD

            Fire                              8                      5 bldg (3MA), 4 vegetation (1MA)                                                   21

            EMS                             44                    40 EMS, 4 MVC                                                                       190

            Hazardous Condition       9                      8 power problem, 1 structural compromise                              12

            Service Call                 8                      8 assist invalid                                                                         19

            Good Intent                0                                                                                                                      8

            False Alarm                 1                      1 AFA                                                                                      11


Action Taken:                         Month            Type                                                                                        YTD

            Canceled enroute       1                      1 EMS                                                                                     17

            Extinguishment          13                    6 poles, 4 bldg (2MA), 3 veg (1MA)                                           21

            Provide BLS                 42                                                                                                                198

            Assist Invalid               8                                                                                                                  24

            Investigate                  5                      1 MVC, 1 AFA, 2 electrical, 1 structural dmg                                   29

            Other                          1                      Standby                                                                                 8

Automatic Aid Received (both agencies respond)    Automatic Aid Given                                    

From Highland          0                                  To Highland               0

From Yakima             2                                  To Yakima                 0

From Gleed               0                                  To BIA                      0

YTD                 2                                              YTD                 6         


Mutual Aid Received             0                                  Mutual Aid Given       3 (2 Yak, 1 Dist 5)

            YTD                            0                                              YTD                 5         


We had 8 power pole fires last month in addition to a pumphouse fire that caused $2500 in loss and a brush fire that extended to a detached shop that resulted in $170,000 in loss.  The cause of the brush fire is under investigation by the fire marshal’s office.

Response Times: (Target= within 1 mile of station 8 minutes or less, add 2 minutes every mile after) Qualifying Alarms: 37mo, 184yr, Target met: mo 28 (76%) yr 130 (71%), Target not met: mo 9 (24%) yr 54 (29%). 


All our portable radios are in service, we continue to refine the programming and have ordered the cable and software necessary to make changes in house.  All mobile radios have been installed with exception of our engines; we are waiting on the parts to utilize the dual head on the pump panel.

The one-year warranty for Station 51 Phase II is coming up. I contacted TW Clark with a list of items for repair, the electricians have already been through the building and the project superintendent will be on site this month to finish the checklist.



We submitted a DNR HB1168 Wildfire Ready grant to cover the cost of 5 tablets to use for home wildfire inspections and reimburse the District for each home we inspect during the program; the total funding is $15,836 and is for reimbursement of 100 home site inspections.


I have contacted our electrician to update our prices for backup power at Station 52 and 53 to submit for a County ARPA grant by mid-June.  We are reconfiguring Station 52’s backup power due to all heat in the building being electrical, if we were to install a generator that runs the whole building it would have to be enormous, at this time we are selecting critical infrastructure to keep the station running but not serve as an emergency shelter.


Good of the Order:


The Association egg hunt was a success even though the weather did not cooperate.

The Association is hosting a flea market May 7th on the grounds of Station 51.

Past Commissioner George Glessner’s memorial service will be in the Training Center on May 14th at 11am.

The next Commissioners quarterly meeting is in Zillah on May 19th.




Nathan Craig

Fire Chief